About the Author

About the Author:  Andrew Wolfenson is an attorney who, to date, has never been accused of murdering a client’s spouse, nor has he been forced to travel to any other countries in order to clear his name of false accusations. His law practice, based in Union, New Jersey, focuses mainly on Divorce and Family-related matters, Bankruptcy, Litigation, and Real Estate. For the firm website, click here. To follow him on Twitter, click here: https://twitter.com/AndrewWolfenson.

He is also the author of “In His Ex-Wife’s Defense” (the sequel to “In His Own Defense”), “Deadly Fantasy: A Baseball Story” and “Bloggin’ Baseball (from the Bench)”. For information on those books, visit the Balding Legal Publishing website at http://baldinglegal.com/

Raised in Old Bridge, New Jersey, he attended Franklin & Marshall College and then received his law degree from the Fordham University School of Law. He is the Chairman for the New Jersey Chapter of the Franklin & Marshall Alumni Association, and, in his spare time, serves as Commissioner of a fantasy baseball league and pens blogs which appear at opensalon.com.

He currently resides in Randolph, New Jersey, with his wife, three daughters, and dog.

Andrew Wolfenson, Esq.

Andrew Wolfenson, Esq.

Purchase  “In His Own Defense” today by clicking here or the Kindle version by clicking here


To order Andrew Wolfenson’s “In His Ex-Wife’s Defense”, click here:  In His Ex-Wife’s Defense

"In His Ex-Wife's Defense"

“In His Ex-Wife’s Defense”


To order Andrew Wolfenson’s “Deadly Fantasy: A Baseball Story”, click here: Deadly Fantasy: A Baseball Story


wolfenson-deadly-fantasy-front-cover (9)


To order Andrew Wolfenson’s “Bloggin’ Baseball (from the bench)”, click here




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