“In His Own Defense” by Andrew Wolfenson

“People may hate lawyers but they love to read about them and this book proves why. In His Own Defense is a realistic look at the human drama that surrounds a high-stakes criminal case.  The pitch-perfect prose and provocative plot compel you to read on, late into the night.  New Jersey’s own Andrew Wolfenson is a north-of-the-Mason-Dixon line answer to John Grisham.”

– Henry Klingeman, Esq., Criminal Defense attorney and former Assistant U.S. Attorney for the State of New Jersey

396976_475807802470545_919578394_n What happens when an attorney is wrongfully accused of murdering a client’s husband? Are conversations and interactions between the client and attorney protected by the Attorney-Client privilege, or is the attorney capable of defending himself against the false accusation, even if his actions prove damaging to the client? Attorney Andrew Wolfenson explores these issues in his first novel, In His Own Defense (284 pp, $10.99). It is the story of Eric Goldberg, a New Jersey attorney who is first seduced, and then falsely accused of murder, by one of his clients. While testing the boundaries of the attorney-client privilege in conversations with the local police, Goldberg travels to Brazil to locate the one person who can clear his name. There, he gains the assistance of a transplanted American architect and his free-spirited, exhibitionist girlfriend, who lead him through the streets and clubs of Sao Paulo searching for his accuser. All the while, American and Brazilian police are searching for him. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to three charities: Hurricane Sandy relief, The Celiac Disease Foundation, and CARES Foundation.


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"In His Ex-Wife's Defense"

“In His Ex-Wife’s Defense”